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Crystal Reports Level 1

Modern businesses keep data in a number of program formats. Most commonly, users manage data in Microsoft Access or Excel. This diversity of the data formats hinders the production of comprehensive reports from the total dataset available in the office. Crystal reports is the answer.

Crystal can produce customized reports from data kept in Access tables and queries, Excel worksheets, text files and a large number of other sources. This session introduces participants to the use of the Crystal Reports software to create meaningful reports from both Access and Excel data sources. Participants will discover several report design features such as sorting, grouping and summarizing of data.

Crystal Reports Level 2

Building on the skills explored in the Crystal Reports Level 1 session, participants will use the software to create more complex reports from data being maintained in Access and Excel. This session includes the concept of creating charts, using a parameter to isolate specific data items and other intermediate level features of Crystal reports.

Version: 2.8.0